The beginning of the development of the Millenniumuhr was many years ago. All in all the development and programming took more than 20 years, whereas DOS-versions have been available for several years by now. Amendments have been made continuously. Within the last 3 years a lot of effort was put into creating a pure Millenniumuhr for Windows - thereby a few (exotic) bugs were identified and patched. Moreover, new ideas have been implemented in the Millenniumuhr for Windows, such as multilinguality and the ability to freely type in the exact timezone of a certain location (for example: 4.5 hours for India).

The Millenniumuhr for Windows has been programmed by Pascal Zesewitz. It is premised on the DOS-Version, which is programmed by my father Dr. Hans Zesewitz. Thanks to good interworking the vision has become reality: the version 1.0 of the Millenniumuhr for Windows is available!

Pascal Zesewitz
Kenner Ley 7
D-54344 Kenn